Pre-order your turkey by spring for this fall! *Details below

About Us

3 Nigerian dwarf goats standing in their pen outside


Here at Dinosaur Shack we do several things so let's take a quick peek!
We have pasture-raised Turkey, Quail & Muscovy, Seasonal produce, Homemade flavored butters, Homemade goat milk soaps, Ducklings, Lavender guineas, Chicks & Fertile hatching eggs! 

A boy feeding a goat on a farm


We strive for excellence so we take alot of time & care to maintain a healthy stock which includes a strict bio-security system. Whether you're looking for a new pet or a meal for the supper table we've got you covered! 

You can be proud of your new dinosaur additions &/or You can be assured that your meal is fresh farm-to-table plus you're supporting local & and a small business! 

We put forth maximum dedication to provide the best quality possible including No hormones & No antibiotics...Ever... That's our promise! 

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Please note the following, 

Taking meat orders for the 2020 season. 

*Deposit of $10 is required at the time of order to hold your Turkey while being pasture-raised on our farmstead. 

*** All deposits are non-refundable & the amount paid at the time of booking will go towards the total purchase amount.